I’m looking to place a large order. How can I do this?
We’d love to help you! Email us at hey@ideagift.com.au and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Can I customize a gift?

 Absolutely Yes. For inquiries, please email hey@ideagift.com.au 

I’m ordering multiple gifts, but they’re all being sent to one destination. How can we tell them apart?

When placing your order, make note in the “delivery instructions” which gift is for whom. Alternatively, if you’re reading this and you’ve already placed your order, email us ideagiftau@gmail.com with your request. 

I don’t’ want a receipt or any prices tag.
We will not include receipts inside any of our boxes. Instead, they will be emailed to you.

Will you have more gift in the future?

YES! Idea Gift team is sourcing the Idea Gift over the world everyday. Sign up for our new arrivals.

Free Shipping on your first order
Join our mailing list and your first order is FREE no matter the value of the order.

How much is the delivery?
Delivery is $10 for Sydney, $15 nationally. If you’ve selected two gifts for two different recipients, each will be processed as it’s own order and delivered as such too. It’s free delivery if your order is over $50.

Do you offer a pick up option?
You are more than welcome to pick up from our partner stores located in Sydney CBD and North Sydney. Shoot us an email and we can organise collection for you.  

We also reserve the right to cancel any order that circumstances deem necessary.